SS3 English Language

Revising Letter Writing (In given length) | Literacy Skills -Writing For Communication


Explaining the types of letters. Formats of letter writing. Writing different types of letters.

What you'll learn
  • Letter writing ( not more than 400 word);
  • Types:
  • - Formal
  • - Informal
  • Formal Letters:
  • (a). Conventional forms of two addresses
  • (b). Opening salutation
  • (c). Heading
  • (d). Body of the letter
  • (e). Closing
  • (f). Signature.
  • Informal letters:
  • (a). One address
  • (b). Salutation
  • (c). Body of the letter
  • (d). Closing.
  • Newspaper and magazine cuttings.
  • Sample letters (formal and informal letters)
  • Recommended texts.
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